Aren’t layered desserts always a charmer? Do they not bring back gleeful memories from childhood? If you ask me, I did say YES, I would also say they are trendsetters. They transformed the idea of serving desserts in a bowl or a plate to petite yet visually beguiling glasses, REVOLUTIONARY MUCH! Verre refers to a small thick … More LUXURY IN A GLASS.


One just cannot deny the fact that CHOCOLATE is an element of wonder. Thanks to all those African countries which produces the bulk of world class chocolate that my untimely chocolate cravings are quenched. It was not until I had this strange chocolate craving at an odd hour that I realized how easy Petit Squares were … More THE PETIT SQUARES.


Chaats. Yes, We are talking about the favorite street food of India. Although most chaats originated in some parts of Uttar Pradesh, they are enjoyed equally by people living across the Indian Sub-continent! It is believed to have taken birth in the mughal kitchen during the rule of Shah Jahan. Over time as the country … More THE PINWHEEL CHAAT.

A Vegetarian’s Paradise at the Stud!o, Novotel Kolkata.

“Before you ask someone why they are vegan ask yourself why you aren’t.”   In today’s world of fine dining and culinary art, many new eateries and restaurants have sprung up, recklessly trying their best to make a place in this cut-throat competitive industry. Those who step out of the box, break the conventionality and … More A Vegetarian’s Paradise at the Stud!o, Novotel Kolkata.