Diwali special coconut crescents

The thing about Indian festivals is, they are too many in number and double are the number of ways to celebrate them. The festival of lights, Deepavali is celebrated across the country with fire, colors and sweets. Needless to say the revelry varies from one part of the country to another. Deepavali at my place…

The breakfast post.

I can categorize people into three genres. First up are people who break the morning fast religiously with much poise. Next up are people who prefer simpler rather a quicker start to the day sticking to minimal and fast. The last category is for people like me for whom breakfast is a long told myth….

Benjamin Bangalee

A bengali who has retained bengaliness with a touch of west. The makers of Benjamin Bangalee, Bina Ghosh and Arup Ghosh chose to name their restaurant so to stress on the fusion of West with Bangaliyana! Situated in James Long Sarani near Behala this eatery is more of a family restaurant than a quick diner….


Breakfast, according to many is the most relevant meal of the day. While few tend to avoid it, others break the fast religiously and with style.Breakfast is essentially not a meal as celebrated as an evening snack in Kolkata. This might be due a scarcity of classic breakfast options offered by the city. To quench…

Moha pujor Moha Bhoj at THE OBEROI GRAND.

Durgotsav┬átoday, goes far beyond just a religion. It’s not only one of the biggest festivals celebrated by the Hindus all over India but one of the largest outdoor art festivals on earth. Durga puja today is not entitled or confined to a particular religion. Kolkata in particular hosts the grandest of Durga pujas in the…