When time stood still

I have often heard people saying ‘Live for moments you cannot put into words’. To he honest We all do it. Sometimes unknowingly but we all do live in the moment, do we not?

But now that the world has come to a standstill today, what do you bide with? 


Souvenirs from the past, be it a trivial or a salient one, are the things that get you weaving during these troubled times.

I have always tried to preserve memories whenever and however possible. Be it in the form of scribbles, photographs, herbariums (not with plants always though) or any other way that would remind me of the teensiest of the things that I would not hark back to in a regular day.

As a photographer I try to document memories as pictures. A photograph does not only freeze a moment which cannot be recounted in words, it also limns a story around the figures captured.


Emotions, thoughts, efforts, it delineates all in one frame.
Being a Food Stylist by profession my job is to make food speak in just a 1000 x 1000 frame.
I document their story in visual frame when words fail.

These documentations are not just stories they are memories to be revived later.
Although the world has moved to a virtual life and books have turned into e-books now, I still like to feel the laminate on a photograph and the piercing smell of ink on paper.


Call me old schooled but the joy a photo book might bring to me cannot match up to all the other things money can buy. And imagine the Euphoria of having your own stories frozen in mere book pages!
Let me share a few more photographs of a photo book binding my favorite memories in glossy pages. This was possible because ZOOMIN was kind enough to pick up and assemble few of my works into hard-copy of timeless memories.




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