Churros and Co.

Masterchef Australia was the reason I got introduced to the Churros as a teenager. Well it is not really a household name in India today but back when Masterchef aired in India for the first time we really were not aware of its existence. Since then I have tried making my own batch to smother my Churro cravings.
To be honest I was pretty skeptical about churros making an appearance in Kolkata anytime soon. This fried choux pastry was available only in 5 stars and a few selected restaurants but the options were limited.


Bosphorus Churros and Co. located inside RDB cinemas in Salt Lake has taken the initiative of giving churros a break in Kolkata and has been doing quite well for that matter.


I am mostly used to having churros as a quick dessert with a generous portion of melted chocolate. But here I came across the savory option and I must say it was quite impressive. The Tomato chutney dip especially was a shocker and that too in a good way.


Among the sweet ones The madhouse was a decent option dipped into nutella and topped with sugar coated chocolate buttons. The peanut and loops was quite interesting though mostly because I love peanut butter and caramel on anything! I am pretty sure cinema watching will be sweeter hence forth at RDB!

A definite 4 out of 5!



K1, RDB Cinemas, EP – GP Block, Sector 5, Salt Lake.


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