We are one

Hookah or seesha has been quite a rave in the city lately especially among the striplings. I have never been keen on hookah thus barely visited any joint offering it. The few that I have visited willingly or due to peer pressure mostly failed to galvanize me with the food. Well in a joint focusing on hookah food is just a sidekick, that’s given.

But VR1 (we are one) made me think otherwise. I have been visiting this place since college days not for the seesha but for the Food! Yes food! VR1 has always stood out amongst the hookah places serving prodigious finger food and slaver worthy beverages.

Quirky wall stickers and a hint of neon here and there makes quite the mood, right?

Neon Hookah filters

The food here especially the starters surpasses the food quality of any other Hookah joint. A few of my favorites from the starters menu include.
The Fish finger made from fresh succulent bhetki. You will definitely want a second serving for this one.

Fish fingers

Thai ginger chicken made with thai spices and hint of ginger. The marination renders it soft and juicy.

Thai ginger chicken

 The Pan Fried Momos were nothing out of the world maybe but still a charmer.

Pan fried momos

Although I would prefer sticking to the starters here but you can always try out one of their calzon pizzas or a plate of Tex Mex rice to serve as your main course.

Tex Mex rice

The desserts and beverages here are quite the star.
The KitKat and Oreo mint shakes are two of my best picks here. Among the desserts The sizzling brownie and Choco plant are mention worthy, nothing stellar but great meal closers.

Kitkat shake


Oreo mint shake


Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

 VR1 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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