A tryst with the sea @ The Coastal Macha

The coastal culture in India is dense, manifold and distinguished. The coastal cuisine is colossal and varies distinctively with the geography of the peninsular India. Just like the continental mainland cuisine, the flavors from the coast have always been tempered with from one part of the country to another. Thus except for the coasts, the authenticity of coastal cuisine is questionable.
I for one have always reveled in coastal savors. The little that I have traveled to the West and East coasts has helped me gain a proper if not acute distinction between the different coastal cuisines. I have been on a lookout for good joints serving coastal cuisine in the city for quite a while now. I came across The Coastal Macha last year and have been quite impressed with their produce. Keeping the veracity intact yet experimenting with new variants of coastal palates have rendered them to be quite the aficionado in their genre.


On a recent invitation regarding the occasion of 1st anniversary I managed to get a peek into their newly introduced menu. Apart from the inclusion of pork, the menu at The Coastal  Macha has new additions from Malabari, Konkani, Mangalorean  cuisines.

One should begin their romantic rendezvous with the sea by sipping into the kokum sherbat here, a very refreshing concoction complemented by the beach themed tables.
The new menu has excellent inclusions of sea food, pork and other meats.
The Goan Prawn curry and Squid belluli roast are two of my favorite seafood picks.
I have had The Goan prawn curry before but this one is by far the best (tastes best when paired with appam or hot steamed rice)

Squid belluli roast

I also need to take a special mention of their squid items. Now squid is something that can go wrong easily if not carefully cooked. The squid belluli roast served here was absolutely spot on! Tender and with a mouthful of flavors!
Another stellar dish is the squid stuffed with crab meat, a must try indeed.

Squid stuffed with crab meat

They have also introduced quite a few prodigious options of pork in the menu which is quite an amaze for the pork lovers. I even though do not consume pork can vouch for them to be amazing. The gongura fry, Goan Vindaloo will definitely put a curb to your pork cravings.


Gongura fry

The Mutton Cafreal (mutton cooked in a base of cilantro and mint) is quite an amazing option for the mutton lovers but this dish somehow failed to impress me like the others did.

Mutton cafreal

The coastal macha celebrates the gastronomic heritage of India and aims at giving you an expanded coastal culinary experience.


PS: Do ask for the tender coconut pudding at the end of your meal. A mix of coconut malai, coconut water and milk to end your meal on a creamy note.


Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5


55, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

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