Melting Pot @Ballygunge

Ballygunge, has always seen the flock of food lovers from around the city at any time of the day in its by-lanes. Fairly known for its elite eateries Ballygunge always been quite the attention grabber. Adding to this gastronomic map is Melting Pot, a casual dining restaurant specializing in Oriental  and continental cuisines.

Warm ambience, fancy wooden interior and minimalistic décor paired with exotic food and  stirring desserts is winsome enough to woo the food adoring kolkatans.

Here is a quick rundown of my neoteric episode at Melting pot.
We started of with the Cream of chicken, not the conventional creamy concoction we are familiar with but a slightly thinner version of it which I believe works just fine as an appetizer.

Steamed Chicken momos, an absolute paragon! Thin skin and ample of filling is it not how your dumplings should be?
The appetizer that failed to impress me was the Korean chicken sticks, being a sucker for Korean food I felt like this dish missed the charm of Korean cuisine. The flavors got I little messed up is all that I could say.


Spaghetti  Aglio e olio, done quite right but I guess a pinch of seasoning would not do much harm to it. Although others might prefer it the way it was served.


Next up in the mains was the Burnt garlic rice accompanied with a side of Chili Oyster Sauce: The Oyster sauce was warm, light and had impeccably balanced flavors. The rice was a wee bit oily for my liking though yet this combination worked magically.


Coming to the beverages, melting pot offers quite the variety of beverages from soda based refreshers to milk based delights. What impressed me the most was a fusion mocktail named Sweetheart. True to its name this concoction of strawberry crush, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate was more of a dessert for. It scores a 10 out of 10 and garners itself the top rank on my recommendation list.
Tall glasses never fail to impress us do they? The caramel crunchy coffee, brownie shake also follow the Sweethearts lead.


The desserts were nothing genius yet it did not fail to impress us. Tutty Fruity and Walnut toffee were the two variants for tasting. Ice cream paired with anything does not really miss the mark does it?


The melting pot undeniably aims at providing quality food worth every penny you spend on it. Priced at 600/- for two people this eatery is quite reasonable for the neighborhood it is situated at.

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