Charred with love!

The advent of wood fired ovens can be traced back to ancient Europe. Urbanization today is quite a stumbling block for age old traditions and authenticity. Wood fuel has been replaced by electricity today and the electric ovens do their job just fine but can legitimacy be compensated with something that is “just fine”?

DSC_4792Firewood pizza did not get introduced to Kolkata until lately.
Bringing this charred version of pizza and trending it in Kolkata is Brickwood with its unique way of baking pizza in a fire oven, taking pizza a node higher in the authenticity quotient.
Epitomized by its tough dough and burnt crust Wood Fired Pizzas are unknown to many in its true form. Brickwood cornerstones on giving this city the best of this charred treasure.


From THE BRICKWOOD signature pizza made with freshly blended tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, olives, roquette and imported feta to the newly introduced Pesto and chicken pizza Brickwood has worked hard to stand out in its genre.

The brickwood


Pesto Chicken pizza

This is not just another quaint pizzeria and pizzas are not their only area of expertise, the original pulled cheese garlic bread which is a cheesy affair of house baked bread with loads of mozzarella is a radical hit.

Pulled cheesy garlic bread

The Cannelloni is something that I believe deserves a lot more exposure than it already has. The creamy spinach and corn cannelloni is truly what one might call pasta at its best.This is probably one of the most fascinating pasta I have ever come across. This Corn and spinach rolled in handmade pasta sheets to give you one brilliant plate of cannelloni is a must try every time you find yourself in the pizzeria.

To end it on a sweet note I need to take a special mention of the newly introduced FREAKSHAKES. Brickwood is probably the first eatery to usher in these massive concoction of everything good in a jar in kolkata.
With an assemblage of the best in house desserts the freak shakes come in two basic flavors of chocolate and strawberry. Apart from being a visual treat it is an indulgence for all dessert parched souls!

Strawberry Velvet


Brownie Lava Burst


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