Sanjha Chulha: 15 sumptuous years!

Earning distinction in a competitive world takes a lot of hard work and resolution but being at par with oneself, living up to the fame one has achieved requires double the amount of resilience and obstinacy. Sanjha Chulha made the impossible possible by providing unwavering quality of food and hospitality  for 15 years in the city of joy.
On the happy occasion of completion of 15 years the oldest outlet of the restaurant came up with a PICK ANY FOR 200/- menu which consisted of the dishes the restaurant initially started with, valid till the end of November 2017.
Sanjha Chulha specializes in North Indian cuisine, high in spice quotient and helps you blend in with the flavors of northern India.


The few highlights off the menu of Sanjha Chulha include:

Firangi seekh kebab
Jugal bandi seekh
Sarson fish tikka


Chutney paneer tikka

Methi malai paneer


Chicken changrezi

Murgh tikka biryani
Dhaba dal 
Butter naan


Desserts are the soul of Indian cuisine and The Gulab Jamun with Rabdi, a house signature along provides the evidence for it.
Sanjha Chulha has rooted deep inside the hearts of Calcuttans making it almost a household name today.

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