The Thai yarn at Oberoi Grand

Gargantuan temples, Buddha effigies and the Massaman curry I had at an aunt’s place in Pattaya is all that I can recall from my fragmented childhood memories of Thailand.
I am quite a fan of South Asian cuisine especially Thai but never had a deep insight into it, so imagine my surprise when I got an invitation for a cook-off between the best food bloggers in kolkata at Baan Thai, the Thai restaurant of  The Oberoi Grand!

The Grand Dame of Chowringhee never fails to enthrall you with its intimidating grandeur and warm hospitality. The cook-off was exhilarating and full of fun. I was a little jumpy initially because I had never cooked Thai food before and the fact that I would be competing with bloggers who has profound knowledge about Thai cuisine was quite a reason for high adrenaline rush through my system.

Picture courtesy: The Oberoi Grand

The Cook-off was brilliantly planned in the kitchen of Baan Thai which without any doubt is one of the finest restaurants serving authentic Thai cuisine in Kolkata. We entered the kitchen all decked up in Chef’s toque and white apron and was split up into 4 teams having 2 blogger in each team. I was paired up with Debajni di and I could not have asked for a better partner!

Picture courtesy: The Oberoi Grand

The head chef of Baan Thai Chef Klae Somsuay gave us a detailed demonstration of the dishes we were to cook which included the authentic Thai green curry and Som Tam (Raw papaya salad). He also provided us with some valuable insight into Thai cuisine.

Som Tam


Picture courtesy: The Oberoi Grand


We were to prepare the two dishes in a span of 30 minutes in our respective cooking stations. The cook off was immense fun and after we were done cooking, our dishes were  tasted and judged by the members of Royal Thai consulate-general kolkata.
Although we did not win the cook-off the experience and the animation was unparalleled.

Picture courtesy: The Oberoi Grand


The afternoon came to a close with a huge Thai lunch spread at Baan Thai and boy did it disappoint? Hell no, it was treat of highly tasteful proportions ( Was too busy eating so did not mange to click enough pictures).

Picture courtesy: The Oberoi Grand

The warmly lit, picturesque ambiance of Baan Thai goes perfectly with its world class Thai food setting the standard for competition in its genre very high.

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