The breakfast post.

I can categorize people into three genres. First up are people who break the morning fast religiously with much poise. Next up are people who prefer simpler rather a quicker start to the day sticking to minimal and fast. The last category is for people like me for whom breakfast is a long told myth. I still blame my school routine for it though. The interval between my early morning swimming classes and inception of school hours was distinctly short which kept me from enjoying a good breakfast. A glass of milk was customarily the closest I got to a breakfast.

‘Old habits die hard.’
The habit of not fueling my system in the morning remains a constant although the reason for not doing so has evolved.
But this post is not about me, this is about how breakfast scenes look at my household.
Unlike me for everyone else in my family breakfast is an integral part of their morning rituals. They usually fall in the second category preferring a rather simpler start to the first five days of the week.
Toasted bread, poached eggs, jam, butter are almost compulsory on the breakfast table.
Occasionally red kidney beans, boiled or cooked potatoes join the breakfast scene.

Everyday scenes

Weekend scenes are predominantly complicated. Saturday mornings usually have a heavier start and by heavy I mean unhealthier and more calorie studded start.
We save all our paratha plans for Saturdays. Plain parathas, mughlai parathas, stuffed parathas, aloo parathas and so on. Sometimes Upma, Poha and our Indianized version of noodles, Chowmein also makes its way to the breakfast table.


Sundays are the Worst!
The day of binge!
A binge of all sorts.
Sundays at a Bengali household is incomplete without Potato and carbs. The legendary Luchi accompanied by Aloor dum is the story of every other bengali household on most Sundays. Of course the version changes from one household to another.
On other sundays (rarer sundays) Chole and Bhature make it to the morning menu, sometimes they are replaced by egg or paneer rolls and SOMETIMES we just skip to BRUNCH after a strong cup of Morning tea accompanied by biscuits.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, something I have always kept myself away from but I guess there is a limit to which one can torture their body.
I am trying my best to grow out of this habit or else why write a post about something that barely has an existence in my life.

Luchi and Aloor dum

Speaking of potatoes, I had promised the recipe of Aloor dum to a lot of my non bengali friends which I will be sharing in my upcoming blog post.
Do write about your breakfast rituals in the comments section.

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