Benjamin Bangalee

A bengali who has retained bengaliness with a touch of west.

The makers of Benjamin Bangalee, Bina Ghosh and Arup Ghosh chose to name their restaurant so to stress on the fusion of West with Bangaliyana!
Situated in James Long Sarani near Behala this eatery is more of a family restaurant than a quick diner.
Hand painted wall art and minimal decor adds to its mollifying vibe.


From finger foods to three course meal, Benjamin Bangalee brings to you an array of Indian and continental cuisine.
From the lusciously baked bhetki to the aromatic kerela mutton, from spicy dumplings to mutton goulash Benajmin Bangalee has much to offer than just biryanis and kebabs.

That lusciously baked Bhetki

On a recent invite for menu tasting I came across some amazing dishes.
Starting off with spicy chicken and cheese momo, mushroom and paneer boti kebab we moved to the beautifully baked bhetki served with baked veggies

Mushroom and paneer boti kebab

The momos were a treat to my taste buds, definitely one of the spiciest in the town!

Momos tossed in schezwan sauce

The bhekti was all things sensational and tender to the core, the kind that falls apart as soon as the spoon touches the muscle!
The ajwaini fish and chicken tikka were intensely flavorful.

Ajwaini chicken tikka

Moving on to the main course, the mutton goulash and Kerala mutton just wooed me.
The Kerala mutton had strong coastal flavors in it with that extra hint of curry leaves.
The mutton goulash however was something different altogether, tender mutton in creamy gravy. The essence of  this continental cuisine is complemented greatly by a bowl of hot steamed rice.

Kerala mutton

The Biryani however was average, the rice and potato was well cooked and flavorful but the mutton needs to be worked on. There is always a room for  more improvement.

Special chicken biryani


A glass of refreshing mojito makes up for the exemplary palate cleanser especially after a lunch of such great proportion. Here is the perfect glass!


If you are a dessert person do opt for the hot brownie served with ice or the beautiful apple and cinnamon pie. You won’t be disgruntled!

DSC_4255 (1).jpg

Also this eatery is much more than a biryani chain, they have a lot of flavors to explore, lots of other stories to tell, make sure to pay heed to them.

Cost for 2: 500/-

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 4.2/5
Service: 4.2/5

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