Flavors of orient

The hype for Chinese food in this city is never subsiding. Upholding its reputation for serving the best Chinese food in the country, Kolkata has no shortage of old and new eateries exploring the flavors of orient. Being a city of food lovers, Kolkata’s love for Oriental flavors is unappeasable.
Adding to oriental genre for quite a while now is China Wok..
What started as an experimental eatery within a tiny yet tidy stretch of place is a connoisseur in its genre today.
With its warm lights minimalist decor and beyond good Asian food this eatery is all set to root deep in the food loving heart of kolkata.

On my recent visit there for a review I came across some prodigious delicacies.
A few mention worthy dishes are:
The dumplings: Be it smoked or sauce tossed, be it vegetarian or stuffed with a hefty amount of spicy meat, the dumplings won’t fail to surprise you.
From the sui mai to Smoked red chili oil dumplings it is a complete mouthful!

And more

Pad Nam Prik Pow : A non meat marvel. I enjoy vegetarian food as much as non vegetarian and this crispy veggies tossed in kaffir lime and lemongrass was a huge thumbs up for me. Massive Thai love!


Prik kai Sat Sai Thod: Spicy wings tossed in kaffir lime and lemon grass. A total standout for me. One of my favorite starters till date.

Moving to the main course.

Yamchai’s curry noodle bowl: The yellow curry, bold flavors and those noodles.
Heaven in a bowl with the correct amount of smoothness of the curry and heart warming taste!

Noodle bowl

I need to make a special mention of Pak Pad Karprow, another vegetarian dish at it’s best!
Absolutely relished the vegetables cooked in a burnt chili sauce and lemongrass!
Red Thai curry and steamed rice: This is a dish I will be having every time I find myself visiting China Wok in the future. A match made in paradise. This is Thai at its best! The richness of the coconut milk in the curry gives your taste buds a sojourn in Thailand.

Last but not the least THE DESSERT.
How does Homemade ice cream sandwich served with chocolate sauce and nuts sound?
Droolworthy much?



Dining here certainly has its pleasures, there is always room for more improvement but your craves for the flavors of orient will definitely be met with their sublime quality of food.

Food- 4.3/5
Ambiance- 4.5/5
Service- 4.5/5
value for money- 4.4/5


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