From Awadh with love

The tale of Awadh and Mughals is as old as history itself. The ascendancy of Mughlai cuisine over the region of Awadh was inevitable during the mughal rule.
The flair of Awadhi cuisine despite of having striking similarities with Central Asian and Middle Eastern cooking patterns is indigenous to India today.

Amidst all the brands trending Awadhi cuisine in kolkata, Oudh 1590 successfully made period dining a grand affair in this city with its dim lighted ambiance and singular food.
Biryani never disappoints the people of Kolkata neither has the kolkatans disheartened Biryani, their love for this awadhi mastery is eternal. To take this love story further Oudh 1590 brings back the Great Awadhi Biryani Festival with flavors right off the streets of Lucknow. The festival commenced on 19th of May and is due to end on 18th of June.

Awadhi Nargisi Biryani

I was invited for a bloggers meet to taste items off their skilfully curated menu for the festival.

Showcasing not only the best of non vegetarian flavors this time but also quirky vegetarian flavors infused with traditional biryani is Oudh, adding to exhilaration of all biryani lovers. From Yakhni Gosht Biryani, Awadhi Nargisi Biryani, Jheenga Kofta Biryani, Murgh Pulao to Keema Biryani, Gosht Bhuna Khichdi and Awadhi palak Biryani, the list is never ending.

Gomti Sugandhi Mahi Pulao

I am not a Biryani fanatic yet I could not get enough of their Festive flavors. A few mention worthy items off the menu are:

  • Gomti Sugandhi Mahi pulao: Not the usual Biryani with a mutton or a chicken protein, this is quite an unconventional one with boneless pieces of Bhetki fish perfectly cooked with fragrant gondhoraj rice. Quite the favorite! The tenderness of the fish and the aroma of the rice makes up for one sinful ensemble. Highly recommended!
  • Awadhi Palak Biryani: It would stun you as to how Spinach can fit in the genre of biryani! People are usually skeptical about vegetarian biryani and stick to trusted options like mutton or chicken but this particular dish will prove all your theories about veg biryani wrong. A brilliantly curated dish with rice cooked with palak paneer.

    Awadhi Palak Biryani
  • Gosht Bhuna Khichri:  This spicy yet soothing meal prepared with rice and lentils along with boneless mutton chunks is a common favorite of all. Real high on recommendation list.

    Gosht Bhuna Khichri
  • Awadhi Nargisi Biryani: We are all familiar wuth the beauty that is Nargisi kofta. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is a kofta made from boiled eggs covered in a coat of minced meat. The Nargisi Kofta Biryani is another stellar addition to the festive menu with the right amount of flavor and splendor on a plate.

Other favorites include the Morgh Pulao, Shikari Hansa Handi Biryani, Awadhi Kanthal Biryani another treat for all veggie lovers and the kofta Biryani.

Do not forget to down these exotic dishes with a glass of refreshing Aam Panna and Rose Sherbat (a little too sweet for my taste though).

Last but not the least, an Awadhi feast is incomplete without a Kesari Phirni. The creaminess of the rice and the aroma of the saffron will render even the dessert haters enthralled. This just tops the recommendation list!

Raita, the perfect Biryani accomplice.

The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival gets closure on the 18th of June going on currently at both the Oudh 1590 outlets – Deshapriya Park and Salt Lake.
The lunch timings fall between 12pm and 3:30pm while the dinner hours are between 6:30 and 10:30 pm.
A meal for 2 : 850/- approx

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4.2/5
Service: 4/5

Oudh 1590 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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