The Aam-affair at Flurys

Summers, a native of the tropics is more than just a throng of hot winds and searing heat. It is the season ushering mangoes to the sweltering tropics. This juicy summer stone fruit with its fragrant sweetness, exuberant texture and impeccable taste is inordinately enticing.
The temptation of mangoes is unparalleled and adding to this allurement is the full-blooded menu of the Mango Mania festival hosted by Flurys this summer commencing on 19th of May which is due to get a closure on  the 4th of June. Flurys is all set to pay homage to the fairest of all fruits with its stellar menu curated by Excecutive chef Vikas Kumar.

Mango Cheesecake

Upholding its reputation for sweet offerings Flurys has its menu crammed with Mango delicacies which are very likely to coddle you in massive sugar rushes!
Luckily I was invited to a preview of this Alphonso studded affair. The Mango Mania is being celebrated in all the outlets across the country including the 17 in Kolkata. Few favorites off the menu are the Mango Japonaise, New York style Mango Cheesecake, Fresh Mango Log, Checkered Mango Cake, Fresh Mango Whoopie Pie, Fresh Mango Gateaux.

Mango Japonaise


Toning down the sweetness to a soothing level are the Fresh Mango and Caramel Yogurt Mousse, Fresh Mango Tart and the uber solacing Fresh Mango Pudding.

Mango and Caramel yogurt Mousse



Be it a full blown cake like the Mango sponge Cake with Mango Buttercream, the Mango Log or be it bite sized desserts such as the Glazed Mango Dome and Mango and Mascarpone Custard Tart The Mango Mania menu delivers items of all size and textures.

Fresh Mango Log
And more!

Last but not the least they have the Mango Tea Cake to make your afternoon teas prodigious.
Also don’t miss out on the stunning beverages! How does Mango and Butterscotch Yogurt Smoothie sound!?


Mango Tea cake

You would not wanna miss out on something as spectacular as this would you?
The festival gets a closure on 4th of June, Hurry!

Contact details- 033-40646053

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