The fried or ice pan ice cream made its way to India quite a while ago. This skillful mixing and rolling of  milk or cream with desired fillings over a chilled teppan, a favorite of East Asia has wooed the Indian ice cream lovers victoriously!
Branding this style to kolkata is FROLLZ or more conveniently ‘Fried ice cream rolls’.
This brand owned by Rudresh Agarwal is solely dedicated to the making of A class fried ice cream rolls with the use of  absolutely fresh produces.
From fruity bliss to chocolaty indulgences the fried ice cream rolls come in a variety of fresh flavors to choose from.
From our favorite summer fruit like mango to exotic breeds like kiwi and from chocolaty specials to black forests you can watch your favorite ice creams being whipped and rolled from scratch here!

kiwi blast

Furthermore, this undeniably fancy treat wont be heavy on your pockets. Great stuff for really affordable price! Indulge in your favorite flavors like nolen gur, beetle leaf (pan), rose, oreo cookie and many more at your closest Frollz outlet.
The brand maintains 3 outlets at Park Street, Elgin and Saltlake.


Alongside Frollz, TRO or The Rollover is a second brand founded by the same owner. TRO beats the conventionality of  vegetarian pizzas, street food and other Indian favorites by giving them an ultimate reform into a roll!
From vada pav to dahi kebabs, this quirky rendition rolls everything up into billets.
My personal favorites are:
The vada pav billet which comes with a side of chutney and coconut crumble. Major streetfoodgasm!

And the Baked mushroom billet, the perfectly baked mushroom just melts inside your mouth leaving a creamy aftertaste. An absolute favorite!


Baked mushroom billet.

TRO also offers amazing vegetarian rice bowls which can be costume made as per ones choice of base and gravy.
One can choose from a number of available rice bases such as Dum Biryani, Pulao etc. accompanied by a filling of desired choice ( personal favorite being Hyderabadi mix veg).

Dum Biryani with Hyderabadi mix veg.

The Rollover has 4 outlets in Kolkata at Park street, Elgin and Saltlake areas.

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