Garnet Glow tea Review

There are all sorts of mornings. There are a few without tea and there are a few with tea. I usually start my day with a cup of green tea. I am not a tea fanatic but I often give in to aroma and flavors.
Recently I was sent complementary sachets of Garnet Glow tea as a part of FBCI product review series. Garnet Glow is a Pune based tea brand selling exotic teas comprising of phenomenal flavors. They also allow you to customize your own tea because we all have a thing for customized stuff these days, don’t we?
I was sent three flavors to taste, the black vanilla, Darjeeling Mist, Oolong tea.
I started with the black vanilla. I brewed it in a teapot with some hot water and added dash of sugar later. The faint yet soothing aroma of vanilla pervaded my kitchen the moment I removed the lid from the teapot.
Every sip renders a fruity after taste, Perfect for tea occasions, especially when paired with a piece of cake.

I have been a fan of Oolong for quite a while now. Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea which is a semi fermented intermediate of green and black tea.
I have taken quite a liking for this garnet glow product. It has the right balance of earthy taste and fruity aroma. A big thumbs up!


Lastly the Darjeeling Mist. Being from Bengal, Darjeeling tea is a household name. I have been acquainted with the taste of Darjeeling tea since childhood. Darjeeling tea has significantly strong aroma and an irresistible taste. I however did not found this tea to be that strong but it had a perfectly soothing aftertaste which works just fine for me.


F&B Product Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA
You can get your customized tea flavors on the link given below.

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