Burger destinations in the city of joy.

Kolkata has evolved. The evolution is discerned not only in technology but also in the life style and food habit of people. It is the ever embracing nature of the kolkatans which has made the changes possible. Being a food enthusiast I tend to asses the changes by the change in food trend.

Burgers, we all know where they came from. But this American comfort food was not as popular a decade back  among the kolkatans as it is today. We have seen the metamorphosis of the greasy fast food type burgers in local bakeries till they emulated up to serious business.
I am an impulsive person and majority of my impulsive cravings satiate with burgers.
So, I cannot help but write down a few quick suggestions for your burger yearnings.

Barcelos, Acropolis mall,kasba
Named after a small Portuguese town, Barcelos has infiltrated the kolkata food trend with peri peri madness. The peri peri burgers which comes in various options has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. The burger platter here popularly consists of the three colored buns viz; black, white and red. Peri peri at its best with the perfect juiciness and tang.
Cost for 2: Rs.1200/-


VR1, Hazra
With neon wall stickers, blue lights, groovy music and comfy sitting this joint has made its effort of giving teenage-hood a revisit. They essentially do not specialize in burgers with as much as two options to choose from but they have got quality. Served with a side of fries these burgers are quite a mouthful and pocket friendly ( Rs. 109).
Cost for 2: Rs.450/-


Cafe 4/1, Camac street
Ahoy! all vegetarians this is your place to be. And to all the carnivores out there toss your meats aside because this place can give all the meaty burgers a run for their money. On a scale of 1 to 10 this place scores an 8 for me ( and I barely get past 7). If you are a burger lover then you cannot miss out the soya and couscous burger that they have to offer. Mocambo cous cous hua as it has been named is all things droolicious!
Cost for 2: Rs.700/-


Crossroad cafe, Prince Anwar shah Road
This cafe screams of comfort and life. They seem to have everything going right for them. Having tasted a huge variety of their food I conclude that every dish is at par with the other.The burgers here are one of a kind, a bit eccentric and slightly deconstructed yet highly flavorful.The very look of it is capable of conjuring up foodgasms!
Cost for 2: Rs.600/-

The Grub Club, Golpark
Last but not the least, this petite joint needs a special mention. Having a menu restricted to continental and Chinese this joint has one or two options for burgers. The burger is nothing out of ordinary but meaty and fulfilling. It comes for a price as cheap as 60 bucks yet it is finger licking good. Most importantly this meaty affliction would not disappoint you.
Cost for 2: Rs.450/-


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