Breakfast, according to many is the most relevant meal of the day. While few tend to avoid it, others break the fast religiously and with style.Breakfast is essentially not a meal as celebrated as an evening snack in Kolkata. This might be due a scarcity of classic breakfast options offered by the city. To quench the city’s foodtastic thirst for breakfast and brunch joints, EDESIA joined Kolkata’s  foodhub over 3 years ago with an initiative of serving breakfast with a touch of fine dining. Although several new eateries have sprung up throughout the city focusing mainly on brunch in the recent years EDESIA at that time used to be one of the stand alone eateries serving breakfast coated with elegance.

The breakfast room wraps you in a blanket of adoration and cosines with it’s bright light and creamy white walls. A coffee mug wall, a comfy couch seating and crystal mirrors on the wall gives you those ‘urban heebie jeebies’ but with a soothing touch.
Coming to the food. The breakfast buffet has laid down an extensive offering which is at par with any five star breakfast menu. Apart from the proper English breakfast consisting of waffles, pancakes, cereals, varieties of eggs, breads,fresh fruits, imported sausages, hot buffets including baked beans, grilled tomatoes alongside the cold cuts, inclusion of North Indian chola bhatura, puri aloo and South Indian delicacies make the buffet a diverse one.
The buffet is open from 8 am to 12 noon.

Chola bhatura.


A marvelous creation is the a la carte menu with over hundred of items to choose from!The vastness of the menu took me by wonder! Edesia probably is one of the few restaurants offering a massive number of America, Continental, Italian, North Indian and South Indian items in the a la carte menu.

I have been on a hunt for the best calamari serving place in town. Most of the eateries fail to impart the crunchy quotient in the fried calamari rings which renders the squid chewy.
So instinctively I ended up ordering a plate of calamari rings served with coleslaw. And Boy, was I impressed!
The unerring amount of crisp and crunch was commendable!

Calamari Rings.

The flavor quotient in the eggs benedict is at par with the calamari rings. Beautifully poached eggs mounted on english muffin with crispy bacon bathed in smooth hollandaise sauce. What more can one possibly ask for?

Eggs Benedict

Our teachers were not lying when they taught us that ‘through simplicity comes great beauty’. You will share the same opinion after you have gorged on an omelette filled with cheddar. Cheese quotient at its peak!

I am very particular about my waffles, I do not like mine too crusty. The classic belgian waffles here come with a side of golden syrup and butter served with the quintessential  balance of crispiness and taste.

Classic belgian waffles.


A good meal is never complete without a hearty dessert.I am a person who can happily live with a three course meal made of dessert, dessert and dessert. I won’t be doing justice as a blogger to my profession if I do not take a special mention of recently opened bakery at Edesia. In a city sprawling with top notch, elite bakeries it is hard to lay your mark without facing much competition.Edesia would have been just another next door bakery for me had I not devoured a number of their bakes.
If you visit Edesia and missed out on the gorgeous Key Lime Pie and sensuous Double Chocolate Mousse then that would be the saddest end to your love story!
I would not take more than 3 words to describe their signature double chocolate mousse.


All that is good comes in small packages.
he key lime pie justifies the statement like nothing else does. 

The Key lime pie.
Chocolate filled Croissant

It is not easy to categorise Edesia just as a breakfast outlet. Apart from holding the reputation of having an extensive breakfast and brunch offering and a world class bakery, Edesia Speaks for itself.
The restaurant is open for private parties after service closes at 7:00 Pm and accommodate up to 80 people availing customizations of food, decor, music as per client’s choice.


Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4.3/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money:4/5

Address: 1st Floor, The Regency, 6 Hungerford Street, Opposite Birla High School, Minto Park, Kolkata
Contacts: +91 9874824561
                      033 22900908

Opening hours: 8 AM to 7 PM
Private bookings: 7PM onwards.

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