A medley of culinary art, style, skillful cooking and tea indulgences. Now that is too many words in a sentence! Well, A Medley of gastronomics lived true to its name by delivering all the above mentioned words with art and class.
From rolling of sushis  to Tea mocktails this workshop organised by the Gallery Kolkata on 16th of June was all things Gastronomic.
Rolling of sushis is an art, one of it’s kind. A medley of gastronomics gave a fair insight into the art of rolling sushies and preparing exotic salads by Masterchef Ananchai Suttison, executive sous chef-oriental at The Park Kolkata.

Veg Makis.
Rolling of Sushis.

From making of Makis to Exotic salads and spring rolls, Kolkata now knows it all.

Tuna Sushi.

Another insight into the japanese cuisine was given by restauranter Karan Agarwal from The Sushi Oke. He introduced his signature Soba Noodles cooked in various styles. Soba noodles which needs no introduction, is everyone’s favorite buckwheat noodles and is a gluten free substitute for Udon.

Soba In Broth

Another  stellar presentation of the workshop was the setup of the TYPHOO TEA BAR.
Typhoo, Britain’s favorite tea brand has been the epitome of refined tea drinking experience all over the world since its very first days. keeping up with the changing preferences of today India’s tea consumers, Typhoo brings to the country a variety of high quality speciality teas with organic fruit infusions. With their wide range of organic and black tea collections the iconic brand now offers the widest range of tea manufactured in India.
A small example of their wide range of teas was put up at the workshop where they offered 27 different kinds of tea mocktails both hot and cold.

A small collection of Typhoo teabags.
Britain’s favorite

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