” Anyone who gives you a cinnamon roll right out of the oven, is a friend for life” ~ Lemony Snicket.


Who does not like the a bit of Cinnamon in their life? And what better way to savour it than everyone’s favorite Cinnamon rolls!
Kolkata has been known to attune to new tastes. People here love to explore new genres of food and to bestow the people of the city with more untimely yearnings CINNABON  opens its first outlet (kisok) at the Food Court of Acropolis Mall!

The kisok at Acropolis Food Court.

Right from their Headquarters in Georgia, Cinnabon brings to the finest of confections!
Specializing in Cinnamon rolls this American joint bring to Kolkata the best of what cinnamon can offer!
Starting off with the Cinnabon Classic, every twist and twirl of this roll screams of cinnamon perfectly topped with sugary and creamy icing!



Their other specializations include the Minibons. There are a lot of options to choose from which includes chocobon, mini chocobon, pecanbon, mini pecanbon, blueberry cinnabon, caramel pecanbon. Chocobons are a marvelous creation with a filling of liquid cadbury inside a cinnamon laden dough alternating with cream cheese frosting. The intoxicating aroma is enough to tempt you into a chocolatey sin! This is an absolute favorite besides the Cinnabon Classic!


Alongside Cinnabon, the global chain of counters serving world class hand rolled pretzels Auntie Anne’s finds its way to Acropolis Mall sharing a kisok!
Pretzel is something Kolkata is yet to be familiar with. The people of kolkata posses a great taste in food and the introduction of pretzels in their food hub is sure to work wonders.
Originally based in Pennsylvania Auntie Anne’s is an American chain of Pretzel shops offering pretzels with a  variety of toppings and dips!
Besides the original classic Pretzel with toppings such as sour cream and onion (an absolute marvel) sesame, garlic, cinnamon sugar, jalapeno,  Auntie Anne’s also offers several renditions of classic pretzels such as pepperoni pretzels, pretzel nuggets, pretzel pizzas.



Sour cream and onion pretzel

Pretzel dogs
are intriguing renditions of pretzels which needs a special mention. A hot dog wrapped inside a freshly baked pretzel,smothered with cheese is quite a mouthful and surely indulges you in a cheesy delight!~


Chicken cheese dog pretzel.

Auntie does offer quite a number of refreshers  to go perfectly with the pretzels.
Alongside the old fashioned lemonades they have exotic mixed lemonades, mentionable among them being the Strawberry lemonade and the blueberry cinna frizzy!



Its a matter of time until pretzels and cinnamon rolls become the favorite comfort food for the Calcuttans.This new addition to food hub of Kolkata is definitely a new favourite and definitely worth every penny! The quality of food is spot on so naturally highly recommended for quick bites!


FOOD: 4/5
SERVICE: 4.5/5

Cost for 2: Rs.400(approx)


You can reach them online at:

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