A Vegetarian’s Paradise at the Stud!o, Novotel Kolkata.

“Before you ask someone why they are vegan ask yourself why you aren’t.”


In today’s world of fine dining and culinary art, many new eateries and restaurants have sprung up, recklessly trying their best to make a place in this cut-throat competitive industry. Those who step out of the box, break the conventionality and bring eccentricity to regular dining are the ones to leave their mark in the long run.
The Stud!o -Pan-Asia gallery which is the second dining outlet at Novotel Kolkata did all things right by adding an auxiliary element to  the conventional dining experience. It provides dining experience with a side of entertainment. This elegant setup with its youthful vibe, eclectic events, live music, live prismatic kitchen,  DJ consoles and diverse food and Beverage offerings is all set to be the new star of the city. As the name suggests it is not just a restaurant but a gallery with food, music and art, in short it is a Dining theater.

The Japanese minimalist designs, the glass wall overlooking the pool and the touch of wood and steel in decor gives the place a chic and trendy ambiance.

Now coming to the main attraction of the Stud!o, the food. The Stud!o does not disappoint when it comes to food, on the contrary the very efficiently curated menu is a marvel! It specializes in North Indian , Asian and Continental cuisines.

Stud!o The Pan-Asian Gallery at Novotel Kolkata

The gallery has a stellar menu. Along side the lip smacking exotic non-vegetarian dishes it has an absolutely phenomenal menu for all the vegetarians and vegans out there. Their take on all things vegetarian is revolutionary! The executive sous chef of the Pan-Asian galley Mr.NEELABH SAHAY proudly boasts of turning hardcore meat lovers into veg diggers with his eclectic assemblage  of vegetarian food in the menu.
The menu that they prepared for us bloggers, was focused entirely on vegetarian delights which enticed our taste buds into sheer foodgasm!

All the dishes were served with an impeccable balance of texture and flavor. We were welcomed warmly with a very intense Thai shot which had a staggering  hint of ginger in it followed by a tangy mocktail, The litchi delight garnished with a perfectly round cherry at the bottom.

Thai shot.

The drinks were followed by appetizers and the first dish to arrive was Thai spicy vegetables.It had a perfect blend of hot and tangy shredded vegetables with suitable use of garlic to add to the spiciness. This was followed by the Khaki age tempura which is a six flavored vegetable tempura that will take your taste buds on a romantic drive when served with sweet chili dip. The desired crunchiness of tempura was absolutely spot on!

Khaki age Tempura


Thai Spicy Vegetables.

No Pan-Asian experience is complete without Dim Sums, so the next dish that emanated from the kitchen to our table was the Vegetable Baoji coupled with Water Chestnut and Chive Dumpling. Baoji is a steamed dumpling were vegetable filling is wrapped inside a rice flour or wheat flour skin. The water Chestnut and Chive dumpling was a marvelous and colorful creation. Together they had  great texture, one differing completely from the other and had the perfect blend of color in it.


Left to right: Vegetable Baoji and Water Chestnut and Chive dumplings.

This was followed by Cucumber and Pickled Radish Maki Sushi and the Udon Noodle Broth. The Sushi was packed with flavors and was great to taste, we however didn’t succumb to the taste of the Udon Noodle Broth.It wasn’t our favorite dish of the day but it was nothing short of greatness.   The Udon Noodles had great texture, however  it’s sweetness overpowered our palate after a bit and we couldn’t eat a lot of it at once.

An array of Sushi.
The Udon Noodles over which the broth was poured.
The Udon Noodle with Broth.

Along with the appetizers, we were served an Apple and Kiwi cooler which was a really refreshing mocktail and helped to balance out all the spicy flavors and even helped distinguish between all the distinct tastes in each of the appetizers.


Then, it was time for the main course. The Green Curry served with Steamed Jasmine rice was a match made in heaven. The Curry had a hint of blunt flavors which blended perfectly with the sweetness of coconut milk. This dish was the Umami star of the day with simple yet wholesome flavors!
The other dishes served alongside were Mapo Tofu, Chili Garlic Noodles,  the Yaki Meshi which was a spicy sticky fried rice with very sharp Chinese flavors. All of these came with Greens Stir Fried in Truffle Oil (Because we cannot live without some greens on our plate!). Each of them were of equal greatness!

Green Curry with Steamed Jasmine Rice.


Mapo Tofu.
Yaki meshi Sticky Fried rice.

The mains were so jam packed full of flavour that we were full by the time we were done with them and our mouths had definitely been taken to Umami Central(if such a place exists and I hope it does). We still had the desserts to taste and before that we were in need of a palate cleanser and it arrived in the form of Jasmine Tea, which checked all the boxes of a palate cleanser and got us ready for dessert.

Jasmine Tea

The desserts that followed were out of the ordinary! They were to die for.The first dessert to arrive was The Tab Tim Samsee, a colorful dessert cooked with condensed coconut milk along with addition of water chestnuts and micro colored balls. The dessert was served in a very smart fashion, in a cubicle over an ice bowl. The sweetness quotient of the dessert was too high and to balance that out we had our next dish Galangal Poached Pears with Mascarpone Cream and Chocolate soil. This dish was the star of the evening, with a perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness and sourness in it. The pear was poached to perfection and had a distinct punch of cinnamon in it. This just topped everything else we had that day.

Galangal poached pear with mascarpone cream and chocolate soil.










Tam Tim Samsee

The Stud!o is not just the home of elegant dining, it is an institution of food and entertainment. It offers the best of  Pan-Asia in less than ordinary settings. It promises to shine as bright as a star with its trendy yet elegant set up and world class food. So for all the vegetarians who are always in search of good eateries and all the non vegetarians who would kill for good food, this place is really high on the recommendation list!

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5

You can find Novotel Kolkata and Stud!o The Pan-Asian Gallery online at:


Address:  CF 11 Action Area 1C, New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata, 700156.
Contacts:   033 4032 3333 

We recommend everyone to try out this carefully and extremely well constructed menu even if you are a hardcore meat lover(we are but we were very impressed with this) and especially try out the desserts which are gonna be launched specifically in the upcoming week for this season.


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