What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn – I love it!”~ Jamie Oliver

Those are the exact words that crossed our minds as we made our way home after the event coined THE KOLKATA FOOD JOURNEY. Recalling the entirety of the event always brings a smile to our face! It has to be one of those rare times when you enjoy your best.So here we are,giving you a sneak peak into the event,STAY TUNED!

We got tipped off by one of our friends about a certain event for foodies in Kolkata, organised by @TheIndiaDiaries and @entreetodessert. We were really quick to sign up, food being the primary love of our life and Boy! weren’t we delighted, to get an invite to the event within a week of signing up! So come morning of 26.09.2015. we were at Vivekananda Park, Kolkata, surrounded by a whole group of food worshipers who had been led there, just like us, by their love for food. Many of them already had successful blogs up and running and it made us even more happy that we were all united, above everything, by the love of food.

A quick round of introductions ensued and there was already a lot of inspiration to be had.There was so much going on around, so much to grasp, so much to aspire to and so much of food to talk about.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

We were each treated with a box of chocolates made by the awesome @chocotarian whom I would recommend to anyone looking for top quality chocolates and desserts in the city. They only serve pure veg, i.e. egg free variety of desserts ( yeah, that’s a winner!! if you ask us.)

Foodies gather at Vivekananda park for the event.
Foodies gather at Vivekananda park for the event.
Foodies gather at Vivekanda Park for the event
Foodies gather at Vivekananda Park for the event

Then it was the time to bid “Bon Appetit”. Our first stop was at Vivekandanda Park itself where we were treated with delicious “phuchka”. Phuchka(also known as golgappa or panipuri) is an Indian street snack served in several regions of India. It is known as phuchka in Kolkata and the rest of the state of West Bengal. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water (pani), tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and at times, chickpeas. The phuchkas were fried to perfection with the right amount of crispiness and the mashed potato mixture was impeccable, exploding our taste buds once inside the mouth.

The phuchka being prepared.
The phuchka being prepared.
Phuchkas Hollow fried puris wih=th mash potato and spicy tamarind water
Hollow fried puris with mashed potato and spicy tamarind water

The chili kick  that the phuchkas left in our mouths was perfect as the taste lingered on as we now headed towards our next location serving the main course. After a short walk ( not sooo short though!) we arrived at Aminia, one of Kolkata’s old restaurants specializing in the traditional Mughlai cuisines of Eastern India.

Location 2: Aminia, Golpark
Location 2: Aminia, Golpark

Aminia, in it’s sixty years of being in business, has always been known as a very popular destinantion for the dish, Biryani , which  is as we all know a spicy Indian dish of mixed rice that is traditionally associated with the Mughlai cuisines of Delhi and the Awadhi cuisines of Lucknow. For the main course, we were served with a plate of biryani with a choice of chicken and mutton for the meat it is cooked with, a bowl of sweet phirni (Indian rice pudding) and a bottle of soft drinks.

Main Course: Chicken Biryani
Main Course: Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani

The plates of Biryani comes hot and the rice served  is well cooked and aromatic. We chose chicken as the meat for the dish and we are servedwith a huge chunk of chicken leg perfectly cooked and moist which is a perfect contrast to  the rice. It will be a crime not to mention the fact that the Biryani came with a big chunk of potato, which is a specialty of Biryani served in Bengal (We bongs love potatoes, if it isn’t evident yet),Bengal being the only state in India where Biryani is cooked with potatoes.

Palate Cleanser, Phirni (Rice Pudding)
Palate Cleanser, Phirni (Rice Pudding)

Then we are served phirni (rice pudding) which delectably sweet and acts as the perfect palate cleanser.It neutralized our taste buds and set us up for the final course i.e desserts (yes,*the excitement*!!!!!). We set out for our third and final location for the journey.

Any Kolkata foodie will know the name of Mrs. Magpie, It is one of the most popular, and rightfully so, dessert and tea places in the city serving a wide variety of cupcakes, sandwiches and of course tea. If you’re looking to have a tea party at 4 pm, this is the place to be. Of late, Mrs. Magpie has opened a bistro outlet in Kasba which serves breakfast and lunch aside from the above mentioned dishes. That is where we were headed from Aminia for the dessert course.

Location number 3: Dessert course at Mrs. Magpie Bistro
Location number 3: Mrs. Magpie Bistro

When one enters this place, the decor immediately catches the eye. The attention to detail is one of the most wonderful things about this place and works for a great dining experience here. Here are some of the decor that caught our eye.


The Array of Cupcakes on display at the Bistro
The Array of Cupcakes on display at the Bistro
Cake based off of Rapunzel
Cake based off of Rapunzel
Foam Eggs used for decor at the Bistro
Foam Eggs used for decor at the Bistro
Marzipans made from imported almonds and sugar
Marzipans made from imported almonds and sugar

The vast array of cupcakes, cakes, cookies and the very well crafted marzipans on display make this place even more inviting. For dessert we are served two dishes- mixed fruit crumble and tiramisu.

(L-R) Mixed fruit crumble, Tiramisu.
(L-R) Mixed fruit crumble, Tiramisu.
The dessert platter (L-R) Tiramisu, Mixed Fruit Crumble
The dessert platter
(L-R) Tiramisu, Mixed Fruit Crumble

The mixed fruit crumble was sadly out of balance and highly acidic and left a very tangy aftertaste in the mouth. However, the tiramisu ticked all the right boxes and was just the right amount of sweet and creamy and was a great dessert on it’s own. It even neutralised the bad aftertaste left by the crumble if one had the crumble first. Overall, this was a good experience and the chefs were very friendly and quick in their service which made for the said good experience.

With our bellies and our hearts full and satiated, and after lots of conversation, we bid goodbye to each other and set off on our own ways with this day successfully etched forever into our memories. We would like to thank @TheIndiaDiaries and @entreetodessert for organizing this event and are looking forward to many such events in the future.

This event would not have been half as fun without everyone involved in it. Thank you very much, everyone.
This event would not have been half as fun without everyone involved in it. Thank you very much, everyone.

Here are the links to the various people mentioned in this post and the various places we visited during this event:
entree to dessert:http://entreetodessert.weebly.com/
Aminia: https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/aminia-golpark
Mrs. Mapie Bistro: https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/mrs-magpie-bistro-kasba


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  1. Such a fun first blog post to go through. All those pictures and in particular, the phirni, look very enticing. All the best with your blog and looking forward to more of such delectable food posts. Cheers. 😄

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